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Oahu, The Gathering Place

Photo: Oahu, Hawaii

O'ahu is a rich and rewarding destination. The island has been blessed with great weather, beautiful mountains and almost everything else the other islands are known for (except the active volcano!). There are rainbows in Manoa almost every day; there are the cliffs of the Pali where a long ago battle took place to give King Kamehameha control of the Hawaiian islands; there are miles of beaches where you might see one set of footprints along the surf line and then there is the glitter and energy of Waikiki.

There is downtown Honolulu with its charming restored brick buildings, fascinating Chinatown with open air markets where locals go to buy their fresh vegetables and fruits and the historical area with the only Palace in the U.S., Missionary houses and a Hawaiian church. You can enjoy some great restaurants, immerse yourselves in cultural activities or experience the popular nightlife.

There are beaches with many people; there are beaches with hardly a soul. There are spots to swim with dolphins, spots to watch for whales and spots to simply watch the sun set into the Pacific. There are mountains to climb, reefs to explore, fish to snorkel with and weather that hardly changes from season to season.

Whatever your passion, O'ahu offers you an experience unlike any other. So call now 1-800-508-5996 or Start Booking Now! ››.